Maven project - getting connection timed out during project sync/import

I've submitted this as a defect a week ago [IDEA-58439 Getting connectionTimedOut exception during maven project sync]. It's affecting me tremendously, however, so I'm hoping someone might have an explanation or even a work around.

The details are in the issue, but the gist of it is that every time I import a project via the maven pom.xml - or even do a Force Reimport - it fails with: Connection timed out: connect

Some salient facts:

  • From the command line, maven builds these projects fine.
  • As best I've been able to determine, there's no known connectivity issues either to maven repos that are needed, or VCS issues (Perforce, sadly)
  • Even if there were connectivity issues, I'd expect it to fail gracefully so I could at least move forward with work unrelated to the failure
  • After it fails, none of the dependencies from the maven pom.xml are available -- thus nothing can be built.
  • This does work sometimes -- and I can't determine what causes it to succeed at those points. But usually, once it's working for a project, it continues to work.

My next step is to try to debug it myself in the community edition, but as I haven't done that before I'm not looking forward to spending the time on learning the process.

If anyone knows of the issue, or a workaround, I'd be much obliged!

Thanks in advance,


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I can tell you that importing a maven project is working okay for myself and my coworkers when using 96.1020. (I mention such to help you try and narrow down the root cause.) We go against an internal Nexus repository mirror. (But it also works for me at home when going against maven central.)

A couple of suggestions I can make:

1. Have you tried invalidating your caches (File > Invalidate Caches) and restarting? Maybe something is corrupt.

2. Verify that the maven user settings file is not overridden in the Maven template settings. Or if it is, that it it set to the correct one. See  File > Other Settings > Template Settings > Maven > Runner

3. Does it work okay for you under IDEA 9?

Wish I could give you more than that. Good Luck.

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IIRC, in IDEA 10 the Maven processing is executed in a separate process, to minimize the impact on editor responsiveness.
The connection error reported might well be in relation to this "external" Maven process, and have nothing to do with your specific pom.xml.

Supplying logfiles / CPU snapshots / the actual pom.xml to the Jetbrains developers should help.
Note that in YouTrack you can mark issues or attachments as "only visible to Jetbrains".


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Thanks for the suggestions!

For the time being, I've reverted to the previous EAP version (96.1020). That's been all I needed for the time being  (and, as an aside, it doesn't have that new issue with redrawing the editor and resizing that I see in 1121 which was driving me nuts!).

I hadn't realized the maven execution became externalized to a separate process, but that would definitely explain why there's an RMI/connectivity issue where I could find no reason for one. In fact, it makes me wonder if restarting that process -- or even killing it so IDEA can restart it -- might help. Or, perhaps it's a windows 7 firewall issue...

Well, for now, I've submitted all the details against the defect that should be necessary, but I'll provide more if needed and I'll be watching the ticket.

Thanks again,



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