Several good things red (96-1121)

I have an ant file to build a flex project (shown in it's entirety at

1. $ - is defined in the "Build File Properties" but shows as red 2. taskdef has a red underline "Failed to load type(s)" 3. mxmlc tag is red, as are the file and output properties plus the included load-config, source-path and compiler.debug tags. Donald <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project name="module_flexdemo" default="compile flex project">    <dirname property="module.flexdemo.basedir" file="${ant.file.module_flexdemo}"/>      <property name="FLEX_HOME" value="$" />
     <property name="SRC_DIR" value="$/src" />      <property name="DEPLOY_DIR" value="$/DEPLOY" />
     <taskdef resource="flexTasks.tasks"
classpath="$/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>      <!-- delete and create the DEPLOY dir again -->      <target name="init">         <delete dir="$" />         <mkdir dir="$" />      </target>      <target name="compile flex project" depends="init">         <mxmlc file="$/dadsOI.mxml" output="$/dadsOI.swf">            <load-config filename="$/frameworks/flex-config.xml"/>
           <source-path path-element="$/frameworks"/>

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