Configure automatic static imports?

I have a class called that contains a bunch of public static constants that I frequently reference in other classes.

In IntelliJ 8 or 9 there was a configuration option that allowed me to add to a list of known classes that would be automatically searched through when looking to resolve symbols for static imports.  I believe i found it by searching for "import" in the Preferences pane.

However, I can't find that option anywhere in IntelliJ 10 EAP.  Has it disappeared?  Am I misremembering what it was called?


PS. I've searched through /Applications/IntelliJ*, ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJ*, ~/Application Support/IntelliJ*, <ProjectRoot>/.idea, and <ProjectRoot>/*.i* and can't find any reference to my Constants file.  Am I dreaming?  Did I totally make this feature up?

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Just thought I'd check in and see if anyone had any solutions to this.  Android contains a lot of classes with constants, and I'd love to be able to have IntelliJ autocomplete some of those values when appropriate.



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