IntelliJ seems to override java.library.path and/or ${env.LD_LIBRARY} when running maven surefire plugin in IDE

I am using IntelliJ Ultimate 14.0.3 on RHLEL 6.1 and the following POM segment works when running Maven from the command line; however, it fails when running from within the IDE:



Debug logging when running mvn install includes the following (partial) logging statement:

     Forking command line: ... -Djava.library.path=/data_local/idea-IU-139.1117.1/bin: ...

I expect -Djava.library.path= to contain the same path specified in the export LD_LIBRARY_PATH= ... statement that is defined in ~/.bashrc.

Again, ths POM segment works when running tests from the command line but not in IntelliJ.

Thanks in advance.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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