IDEA X EAP, commit message font - uses IDEA "Appearance" font, can it be configured instead?

Lately, IDEA started to use Appearance font (File -> Setting -> Appearance -> Font) for commit messages, see image attached.
I have to say this is somewhat inconvenient since general IDEA appearance font can be not fixed-width, like Georgia in my case. But for commit messages I suppose one would prefer a fixed-width font.
So inserting a commit message in Georgia seems quite awkward to me.

Can commit message font be configured instead?


Hi Evgeny,

Standard IJ editor is used at 'commit dialog' now, hence, it reuses editor's settings. It's not possible to customize them just for that use-case at the moment.

Regards, Denis


I see. It makes sense to use editor's font in commit messages.

But in my case I'm pretty sure it's not editor font but appearance. I have Consolas font in editor and it is fixed-width while Georgia in IDEA appearance.
And I have Georgia in commit messages. When I was changing appearance font, commit messages font was changing as well.


Thanks for spotting that!



I'm glad I was able to help :)


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