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I have seen a demo of Obeo designer plugin in eclips that allows you to create a graphical editor based on a meta model. In the demo they have a metadatamodel on how business parameters of an application are managed. The UML/XMI editor that is generated from it the allows business people to use it in helping them define business rules that adhere to the meta model. These rules can then be easily transformed to Drools DRL language.

So this configuration allows you to create an business rules editor that adheeres to a defined meta model. Is this kind of configuration possible in Intelij? For instance I don't see Obeo designer support, so are other tools available to do the same?

Thanks four your feedback

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IntelliJ IDEA doesn't offer anything like that at the moment, feature request is welcome at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA .


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