Idea doesn't see jars I added to groovy2.4.3/lib

Hi, I'm new to Idea.

I was able to get Idea to find my groovy2.4.3/lib folder, not without some difficulty, and it's now a library associated with my project.

I added some jars to groovy2.4.3/lib. Even after closing and reopening Idea, it doesn't see them, and I'll get a class not found exception if I try to import one of the classes in the new jars.

If I write a groovy script in a text editor that uses the new jars, then I run the script, there's no problem.

How do I get Idea to recognize the new jars? Why wouldn't it just refresh the list?



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Hi Amy,

Please try to configure that additional jars as a separate library in the ide (I suspect that intellij uses only pre-defined set of *.jar files from groovy home)



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