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Our SVN repository is down, so we have resorted to patches until we can get it back up.
However, I am unable to apply a certain patch. I get the error:
Failed to load patch base revision for file xxx: svn: connection refused by the server svn: OPTIONS request failed on xxx

It also trys to connect to the repository when I try to diff from the dialog that appears with the contents of the patch.
e.g I will select one of the files in the patch and click show diff and it will try to collect a revision history for the file.
Obviously this will fail as the server is not there.
However, even stranger though, it will try to collect revisions for ALL files in the patch!

Why would it do that when I only selected 1 file to diff?

And why is it trying to connect the repository to apply a patch? Or have I misunderstood how they work?

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It tries to get base revision (revision for which a patch had been created) contents if patch context does not match.
I believe, for 9.0.3 we made it to get base contents only at the moment when it is already applying patch to a file (or, the same, showing differencies)

Please note that you can choose only several files to apply patch to, not all of them.


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