Debug Window Stuck off Screen


hi. I am having a problem with my debug window. When it is in floating mode, the top of the window is off-screen. I can't figure out anything to get it back on the screen. Is there anyway to move the window with the keyboard to get the entire window back into the viewable area? I'm using Windows 7 and have tried all of the windows tricks but nothing seems to work.

Any help is appreciated! thanks!


Hi Melody,

Unfortunately the Windows window manager does not "see" the Java sub windows IDEA uses. So there is no way that I know of to solve your issue via Windows.

One thing you can do is right-click the "Debug" tool window button and turn of the floating. This will at least let you see the window. But if you float it again, it will return to its off screen position. Same problem if you do a "Window | Restore Default Layout" from the menu.

There is a hack you can do the to fix the issue:

1. Close your project
2. You need to edit your project's workspace settings file since the window positions are stored per project. If you are using directory based settings, go to the .idea directory and back up the workspace.xml file (<project-root>/idea/workspace.xml) then open it for editing. If you are using the file based settings, you need to backup the myProjectName.iws file and open it for editing.
3. In this file there will be a section with the element: <component name="ToolWindowManager">  Inside that are settings for all the windows. (From what I can tell, these override any settings in the "master" ~\.IntelliJIdea90\config\options\window.manager.xml file.) In that element will be a <layout> element with a series of <window_info> elements. Search for the window_info element with the attribute: id="Debug"
4. For the that window entry, change both the x and y values to 0 which will put the window at {0,0} or the upper left corner.
5. Save the file
6. Open your project.

If for some reason you do not see the debug window settings in your project workspace settings file, or you have this issue with all projects, do the above process for the ~\.IntelliJIdea90\config\options\window.manager.xml file.

Hope that helps.



Have you tried the following:

  • Bring the debug window into focus
  • Press Alt-space
  • Press m
  • Press the cursor keys to start moving the window and then move the window with your mouse until the top bar is back on screen.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried that. That works for most normal windows because they have a control box in the corner that is activated by that keystroke. I don't believe the debug window has any similar control box allowing it to be moved with the keyboard.



I'm having the same problem on the Find in Path... dialog.  I have two or three instances of IntelliJ running (opening different projects).  In some of them the Edit | Find | Find in Path ... works and so when it works I experimented with the standard way to bring off-screen windows back on screen and the problem is as @Melody saw, these windows are non-standard so Alt+Space doesn't have the desired effect of bringing up the window manager menu (that includes Restore, Move, Size, etc).

I'm looking for a solution that works for a non-window managed decorated window.  I hope to find something that can work.


I'm having a similar problem with the "Commit" window when running multiple instances of PHPStorm. When I press the "Commit" button, the window opens, but is not visible at all (the entire window is off-screen, or the window is minimized, I don't know which). In Windows 10 however, you can hold CTRL+WIN and use arrows up and down to switch between fullscreen, windowed and minimized modes for the window in focus. Simply alt-tab to put PHPStorm/IntelliJ in focus (or use the Task View by pressing WIN+TAB to select PHPStorm/IntelliJ), and use CTRL+WIN+↑ to make the missing window visible on-screen. Hope this helps!



The issue with commit dialog is reported at

But I believe it could affect any modal dialog.


Meanwhile, press the ESC key twice and try again.


I had the same problem with the "Find in Path..." dialog. It leapt off screen when I tried to resize it while it was on a second monitor with a different DPI.

I found the coordinates in `.IdeaIC2018.3\config\options\dimensions.xml` under the key named "find.popup".


In Pycharm 2020.1, I ended up starting to search for something, to get the menu to expand, then I could grab hold of it and resize it to be even further off-screen. I restarted the IDE and it was back in the centre.


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