GWT Compliation Output

Hi, I'm working on a GWT project that required me to use Eclipse.

I'm trying to make the switch to IDEA but I can't seem to get it to compile to the right location.

I can find the location it puts all the .cache.js files but I'd prefer to not go digging down a long path and have it compile to a specific folder inside my project (as I've been able to do in Eclipse).

Is there a simple solution to this? Ifound another question similar on this forum but the given solutions didn't help.

Thanks for any help

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Any help is much appreciated

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Hello Scott,

when you start a GWT Run Configuration it indeed generates .cache.js files in a directory under ${idea.system.path}/gwt. If you want to get these
files somewhere you can create an artifact (File | Project Structure | Artifacts) and put 'GWT Compiler Output' element into its 'Output Layout' tree.

Nikolay Chashnikov
"Develop with pleasure!"


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