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I was adding hibernate to my project and wasn't really sure what I was doing.
The help that popped up has this to say:

Generate Single Mapping XML Select this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA store object-relational mappings generated for all the entities in the persistence unit or session factory in one XML file. To define the target ORM file, click add.png and select the desired file from the file chooser dialog box. If the desired file doesn't exist, select the directory where the new file should be created, click the icon_newXmlFile.pngbutton, and type the file name in the New File dialog box.

Do you think it should be more helpful like the info on this page?

Creating mapping definitions
Mapping definitions, also called mapping documents, are used to provided Hibernate with information to persist objects to a relational database. The mapping files also provide support features, such as creating the database schema from a collection of mapping files.
Mapping definitions for persistent objects may be stored together in a single mapping file. Alternatively, the definition for each object can be stored in an individual mapping file. The latter approach is preferred, since storing the definitions for a large number of persistent classes in one mapping file can be cumbersome. We use the file-per-class method to organize our mapping documents throughout this book.
There is another advantage to having multiple mapping files: If you have all mapping definitions in a single file, it may be hard to debug and isolate any error to a specific class definition.

>Admittedly the help isn't supposed to be a tutorial and what is quoted above might be a bit much, but perhaps something like the last line might be useful to give more meaning of what you are about to do.
If you already understand what you are doing then you wouldn't be reading the help right?
So putting in a bit of extra info is helpful for those who don't fully understand it yet.

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