Maven Dependencies

I'm having to sort out a number of projects which have large numbers of Maven dependencies and I'm having a nightmare.  There are some Jars which are being pulled in from 15-20 poms and trying to work out which poms are pulling in what Jars and where is incredibly time consuming, unless I'm doing something wrong.

My process is currently the following:

1) Highlight the Jar in the project view.
2) Open the project structure dialog.
3) Find usages of the Jar - write the modules down on paper.
4) Exit the dialog and pull up the dependency graph for each pom and try and work out where the hell the Jar is being pulled from.  If the graph could be printed, this might speed things up, but since that's broken currently that's not an option.

Is there any quicker way to carry this process out?  One idea which did occur to me was that it would be great if you could right-click on a Maven-imported Jar and ask for a reverse dependency graph - at least that way you could easily see what poms were pulling it in and what dependencies are bringing them along.


the only workaround I know is to use Maven's own tools, i.e. running "dependency:tree"


Thanks for the info, I'll give the Maven tooling a try.  It's a shame that it's not possible from within Idea however!


Hi Simon,

I never have any problems with this in IntelliJ 8, since each module has it's own list of dependencies in the project view, so I can see which module uses which jars and why they are pulled in. Isn't that something you're looking for?



Unfortunately I'm on Idea 9, with no access to version 8, so I guess I'll have to stick with the Maven tools (thanks again for that tip Yann, it's really helped).


this is very nice feature but need to be open in the separate tab with ability to  search


In IntelliJ 9 you can also show the dependency tree in the maven projects view by rightclicking on a module AFAIK. Are you using that one?


I am, but having to do that for every module when the Jars can be being pulled in 20-dependecies down the tree is more than painful.

If the tree was opening in a seperate tab and was searchable, then it might be more useful.  However, as you can't even print the tree at the moment it's very laborious.



There is are several requests for this:

This issues are in the short-plans, feel free to vote for them.

Anton Makeev


Anton, am I missing anything? I can't seem to find the Vote action on the issue anymore.

Ah, scratch that, brain freeze: the start and square button under summary.


under the issue title, there are few icons, one of them is voting one (one left to the *star*, favorite icon).


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