Duplicate entries in the context menu

Any ideas of what could cause this?lotsofcontextmenu1.png



It's not clear at the moment. Please register bug report about that at IDEA tracker with steps to reproduce.

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Hello darpified,

Any ideas of what could cause this? Image:lotsofcontextmenu1.png

Do you have any third-party plugins installed?

As a workaround, go to Settings | Menus and Toolbars and press "Restore Defaults"

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Settings / Menus and Toolbars reset defaults did not resolve the issue.

Is there a quick way to get a list of all installed plugins, I mainly use the database plugin, flex, gwt, git and subversion, tracklink.

I wouldn't be averse to disabling any other plugins



Reported via bugtracker :

The resolution is:

>The problem is caused by plugin with "Change Variable Type".
>Please  patch the plugin.xml yourself (name the group where this action is  added) or uninstall the plugin or do not use customizations with action  from the plugin.
>Thank you

This did not make any sense to me,as I don't have a Change Variable Type plugin

After much digging, not inside any plugin.xml or anything else that I could find I started randomly turning off plugins via
the "change plugin settings" menu, I found the (in hindsight) obviously named "Type Refactoring" plugin, which was causing the actions.

Another note is that it is quite easy to break the default plugins, because the pre-requisites come after the main screen.

For instance, I unchecked java i18n, which broke "Properties", GWT, and a slew of other plugins, and I had to go back and reset each of them, over several
restarts of the application, as the dependencies aren't always obvious.  A warning here or there would have been nice, and the plugin not completely marked as disabled,
but perhaps broken instead would have been easier to repair the damage.


I've had this happen to me as well.  To fix it, I had to go to the "Menus and Toolbars" in IDEA's settings and remove the entries from "Editor Popup Menu".  At one point I felt as if I was getting an additional duplicate with each start of IDEA.  I cannot say for certain whether I'm still getting duplicates -- I will keep an eye on it.

I did get the sense that it had to do with a 3rd party plugin, but haven't any evidence to support that conclusion.



I've also reported this problem with previous EAP releases. It happened when I tried to modify any of the menus.


After uninstalling that plugin, and upgrading to the newest EAP release I have not had any reoccurence of the
duplicate entries in the context menu.


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