Does anyone actually understand the new project setup structure in IDEA 9?

Things were starting to get a little hairy in IDEA 8 with all the "facets" but at least I could figure out how to setup a simple Servlet/JSP or EJB project but, now in IDEA 9, I'm lost. There are Web facets and Java EE facets and EJB facets, etc, etc, and then there is a whole new Artifact section and it tries to help by pointing out things that need to be "fixed" but I can't figure it all out. The help topics don't explain anything. Is there a tutorial or a IDEA Projects for Dummies guide somewhere that I am missing?


Hi Ron,

There is no documentation over than web help. It contains number of articles, for example 'facet concept', 'available facets', 'module <-> facet(s) configuration', 'artifacts' etc.

Feel free to submit corresponding ticket to IDEA tracker if you think particular aspect is not described well enough, we'll be glad to improve the documentation. The only note is that it doesn't make sense to create requests like 'documetnation for facets is bad', you should clearly define what kind of information is not covered by the documentation and may suggest proposed change.

Regards, Denis


Thanks, those links are useful but I may still submit a ticket and I will try to be helpful and not just whiney :-)

I guess my major complaint is that I never needed docs before -- it was just kind of intuitive. That is actually one of the major reasons I preferred IDEA over other tools like eclipse or netbeans -- I always hated the way their projects were setup. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways or something but, with IDEA 9,  it doesn't seem intuitive anymore. Maybe I'll feel different once I understand it and get used to it.


Well, I've been IDEA user for more than five years and didn't like those new concepts initially as well

However, I came to conslusion that they really relief project configuration and become convenient as soon as you get more close to them.

I believe it's just a question of time to feel comfortable with them.


i figured it out without a documentation and i love it. that's probably because sice intellij 4, i wanted something like artifact config


This probably isn't going to help you, but since I started using Maven for project builds the project specification in IntelliJ has gotten trivial.  When I create the new project I tell it it's Maven and everything happens automagically from there.  Facets get detected automatically.  For the most part that's it.  Occasionally I have to tweak the setup but the bulk of it is done w/o my having to work for it.

For non-Java projects it's a different story.  I brought in a Ruby web project and was confused as to what should be a source directory and what should not.  I created a ticket years ago that non-Java projects should have their own project setup wizard.  That never happened.


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