Broken Dart Plugin with IDEA 14.0.4

Have been playing around with dart andjust downloaded latest SDK and Dartium.

When I start a debug session in Dartium I get an error message in the page and a notification that
"JetBrains IDE Support has crashed"

Was using idea 14.0.3 but updated to see if it helps. It didn't

Idea version :  14.0.3 and 14.1.1
Dartium version : Version 39.0.2171.99 (dartium-win-full-stable-44672.0)

Dart SDK : 1.9.1

Since dartuim has an age (stop working after cenrtain number of days). I can not downgrade my dartium either.

So essentially no dart development for me.

Any ideas how I can get back to having fun?

Best Regards
Peyman Zehtab-Fard

ps. changed the title of the thread from "Broken Dart Plugin with IDEA 14.1" in case somebody else was searching


Works fine for me.
What is your OS, Dart plugin version, JetBrains IDE Support extension version?

See 'How do I know what's wrong?' section on this page.


Thank you for the reply.

I had missed to update the dart plugin after idea was updated to 14.1.1. I did that now and it seems to work.

The plugin update was not availble to the previous version 14.0.3 (or I somehow missed it, because I checked).
Now using dart plugin 141.318
was using 139.something

Now using version 2.0.7 of IDE support plugin in. Not sure if it was updated when I updated Idea.

It might still be the case that 14.0.3 users will have to upgrade to 14.1 to be able to do dart development after dartium expiry date.


Ok, thanks for the update.
I'll publish Dart plugin compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.x if a lot of users will face problems.
Happy Dart coding!


I also tested with the last stable version of idea 14.0.4 same problem.

A good excuse to upgrade idea.

Honey my IDE is just too old. have to upgrade :)


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