Velocity inspections -> references inspection


we use the SVN reference in all our Velocity .vm files, like this for example:

<!-- \$Id: index.vm 5571 2010-01-22 10:02:26Z olivier $ -->

When Velocity inspections -> references inspection is on, it would
always underline the $Id as a non reference variable.

It'd be very nice to get rid of this while keeping the inspection on,
we could get green vm files!
Any idea how to achieve that?


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It seems that IDEA does not recognize Velocity escape syntax.
That's strange, I seem to remember that it worked correctly at some time in the past.

Please submit an issue to (subsystem: "Template Languages. Velocity")
Include a link to the user guide [], which describes the escape syntax ("Getting literal" section), and provides some examples.


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I've filed a YouTrack ticket for this:



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