Compile on Frame deactivation - faster Seam and Tapestry development


In development I used so far Shift + CMD + 9 (on Mac) to deploy a single file and CMD + 9 to redeploy the application. Resources have build on frame deactivation enabled in the run dialog. Nothing needs to be pressed there.

I noticed when writing Ruby applications that there is no need to press anything as the build on frame deploys all ruby files as well. This is extremely handy and would be very useful for Tapestry, JBoss Seam and Stripes development as well.

The reason is simple: Seam and Tapestry have both there own mechanism to reload classes dynamically in development mode. If a changed class gets compiled automatically on frame deactivation, I don't need the Shift+CMD+9 any more.
With the Post Processing Ant task, I could 'ping' my app to trigger reloading. The moment I press F5 in my browser everything could be prepared.

Is this possible by configuration or should I put this as a feature request.

I attached pictures from my current configuration.

Best Regards

Sebastian Hennebrueder


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Hi all,

I was hoping that it is a good idea? At least tell me, if it is not.

Best Regards

Sebastian Hennebrüder

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Yes, this would save me at least a couple of hundred "Ctrl-F10"s a day (when developing Tapestry5-apps with the jetty-integration plugin). I spent a day figuring out why my changes didn't reload in the app on frame deactivation until I discovered that only deployment and not compilation is performed... It would be extremely helpful to have this as an option in the run config.

Best regards

    André Kvist Aronsen
    Capgemini Norway


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