Is there a way to avoid the "Remote URL is not accessible" dialog?

When I launch a Flex app using a predetermined URL, I always get this dialog box:
I'm assuming this is because the URL has params that trigger this, or because the server is doing some redirection.  Regardless, the URL is correct and will work once I click 'Yes' on the dialog.  Is the any way to turn this off?  I found a mention of this in the YouTrack database ( but it does not mention any way around it.

Any help is appreciated.


Currently there's no way to workaround this.Your server requires user authentication. But IDEA does a very simple check just to find out if your URL is available just to make sure that there's no typo in URL. IDEA's check doesn't care about authentication so I think it should not say that remote URL is not accessible in case of 401 response. Please open an issue for that:


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