Gradle bug in 14.1 and lower

I am currently using the newest Idea 14.1 community edition. I have a Spring Boot project in which I use Gradle as the build system.

The Gradle version I use is the wrapper version. I declare it in my build.gradle like this:

task wrapper(type: Wrapper) {
    gradleVersion = '2.1'

So now when I run any kind of Gradle task in Idea, like bootRun or test or just the syncronize which is triggered when pressing the refresh button in Gradle toolbox window - I get a Gradle process running in the background.
The process finishes it's job, and when I close Idea, the process will still be running and taking signifact amount of RAM for no reason.

This seems to be not happening when just running the commands from the CLI. Process does it's job, finishes and the process is gone.

Here is an illustrative picture showing the process that is left running forever:

EDIT: (Picture previes seems to be blue,  click on it...)

This was taken right after using the Gradle task "test" in Idea 14.1 and then closing Idea, when task was completed. No other Java applications running on computer at the same time, the gradle one you see is the only one.

A month ago this occured only on my desktop computer but now it is affecting both desktop and laptop. Any info on how to cope with this situation?

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IDEA integrates with gradle using gradle tooling api, which uses the daemon process all the time, see details at
There was no way to stop this process in the api, we could use only ttl parameter.

In the one of the recent gradle tooling releases there was introduced a method (not public yet) to stop gradle deamon processes, see javadoc at
We will check it in the upcoming eap builds, you could watch for the issue at

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Thank you for the answer!

Just for clarification, does Android Studio allready use the new method you mentioned? Because Android Studio seems to terminate it after Android Studio it self is closed.


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