XML Document performance issue

Hi all,

I am haviung trouble with large(actually not so large ~1800 dbunit file) xml files. It seems the editor is spending incredible amounts of time analysing it! I am using the latest IU-95.4 and I hav Xmx set to 2048m. This happens even after a fresh restart.

Is there something I can tweak? My gut says it's a bug though.



I have discovered that I had a couple of rows inmy document that were some 35000+ characters long(dbunit clob mapping) that were causing a lot of my issues.

Still, though trying to do a "compare with..." still causes the dialog to come up saying I need to allocate more mem.



Please, please, please create YourTrack issue and provide more information on the subject
e.g. cpu / memory snasphots per http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/DOC-192


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