IDE Talk gone as of 14.1 RC (141.175.3)?

Hi there,

I just installed / updated, and now "IDE Talk" is gone. Search for actions does not give any result, no window to switch to...

There is a plugin named "IDE Talk", but that dates back to 2005, I do not even dare trying that ;\

I'm quite sure it still worked yesterday in the previous EAP version. Is it removed intentionally, moved to somewhere I did not find it yet, or missing by accident? Does someone else with the RC has a working IDE Talk?

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Hello Michael.

IDETalk was unbundled from Idea. Soon new version will be published to the plugin repository and you will be able to install it.


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Hi Nikolay,

so I will wait for the plugin.

Thanks for shedding some light on this.

Best regards

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This is a weak deploy strategy.
Why not remove IDETalk from IDEA at the time the plugin is available?

Edit: Whoops, already here, huh? Sweet!


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