Maia IDEA IU - 94.585 - PHP source directory tree not recognized and so treated as "unknown" project

subsequently I am not able to include source from external directory because the usual Path,Dependency,etc tabs do not show up.   see attached.

I added the external directory as a "Library" which resulted in a modal window telling me that the Library will be included as part of my project module but when inside editor with I see a hint telling me "can not resolve target of expression" and I can't go to the source.  see attached as well.

I wanted to use Maia IDEA for my PHP and java development.   Am I supposed to be using WebIDE only for PHP ?  I thought IDEA 9.0 is a superset of functions in WebIDE.


Screen shot 2010-03-17 at 7.21.33 PM.png

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