InteliJ 13 Cucumber/Gerkhin

Hi Guys,
I hope you are fine!
It's my first post here, so hello everyone:)
I'm writing regarding one certain problem which I've encountered during usage of InteliJ version 13.
I work as a QA Specialis and on daily basis I use Behat/Cucumber/Gherkin and I'm wonder if I can navigate from some particular step definition in my feature file to a specific method in context/page file using Intelij 13? I know for sure that such solution is currently available in PHP Strom 14, however it would nice to have the same functionality in Intelij 13. I've already read that plugin "Cucumber for Java" should enable me to get this functionality but actually it doesn't work, but should have worked?
IntelliJ's Gherkin plugin thinks my first step is undefined plus there is no code assistance from IntelliJ for me to be able to define a step in my step def class. Why can't the Gherkin plugin find my step defs in class.
Please answer my question as soon as possible.


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Hi, plugin "Cucumber for Java" should work with IntelliJ IDEA 13. Could you provide more details? Plugin was installed successfully? If it's possible provide sample project where we could reproduce the problem.

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Thank you for a quick response.
Probably I should have been more explicit in my previous post.
Plugin is installed as a default for InteliJ13, I also installed this plugin from but still doesn't work.
As far as I know this plugin might work for Cucumber which is used with JavaScript files (methods) but I use BEHAT/Cucumber/Gherkin with PHP fils.
The problem occurs when I try navigate from Cucumber faeture file (CTRL+LPM) to method in Gherkin Context.php file. In InteliJ 14 with plugin  "Behat Support" it works excellent but in 13 I receive a message "Undefined step definition".
So to recap the request is to make "Behat Support" plugin compatible with InteliJ13 not only with 14.
Best Regards

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Unfortually plugin "Behat Support" is available since IDEA 14. We do not plan to port it to IDEA 13

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Thank you for quick response.


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