Intellij complaining it can't find symbol.

The symbol is a class in the same package as the class IntelliJ is complaining it can't locate the symbol within.
There is nothing wrong with this class.


BTW the icon for the class has a little x in the upper left hand corner. I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to mean since the class is fine. I couldn't find a definition for this icon anywhere.


Per the help page IntelliJ IDEA | Reference | Icons Reference, the class symbol with the small gray X in the top left corner is "Java Class excluded from compilation".

If you go into Settings | [Project Settings] Compiler | Excludes that class is probably listed in there. Possibly accidentally added by a stray mouse click or hitting of enter on an intention fix?


Hmmm..., I did a search for icon in the help and did not get a hit but thanks for the information.


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