Performance issues with 9.0.2 EAP

I've been having really bad problems with all the 9.x versions actually
where anytime I make a code change or try to type in a class name IDEA
usually tends to sit there for over 10 seconds before giving me intention
popups or any kind of information about my class.

Another example is if I have a red highlighted compile error in a class and
fix it, IDEA will still highlight the code as red for a good 15 seconds
before it goes away. I find myself sitting and watching IDEA to make sure
the code I typed in is good sometimes.

I have attached a few snapshots into youtrack. I'm happy to provide as many
as you guys need :)

Here is one:



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You might be experiencing the same problem as I had, namely memory setting and inspection setting.

You might want to turn off inspection by creating another Inspection profile with very little option turned on:
1. File | Setting | Inspection
2. Copy an existing profile to a new one
3. Click off inspection options from the new one.
4. (re)Open your project

In my case, I had some of the more CPU/memory -intensive ones turned on -- e.g. "Unused property" and those under Class metrics.  Turning them had very noticeable performance improvement for me.

The other thing could be your vmoptions.  Here's mine for now:


In case it might help, here are a few related postings:

Hope this is helpful.


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