IDEA 94.426 - slow on properties file?

Seems to me that parsing/inspecting properties file is noticeably slower than that on Intellij8.  I'm using the latest EAP (94.426).  My project is a fairly straightforward Spring/Web application (no EJB) with about 220 java files.  I have a "" file with about 80 line of name/value pair.

I noticed that when I click on that properties file the first time after the project is opened (and indexing has completed), the hard drive light on my laptop went nuts for about 90+ seconds - Intellij became unresponsive during that time, mouse was very glitchy, and the memory indicator in Intellij shoot up from 120+M to 277M.

I don't suppose this slowness is specific to the latest build.  Seems to me that Intellij is "building" some sort of indexing between the keys in the "" file to the rest of the project -- which is very cool and useful I'm sure.  But if there's any way to speed this up, or span it over time, it'll definitely be very helpful.  Esp. since I have 5 more properties files for this project -- now I'm consciously avoiding to click on them...

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same thing as I.  I'm using XP SP2 on JDK 1.6._018-b07.  Here's my vmoptions:

Thank you.


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I thought I would just add that editing this "" is also very slow.    The keyboard is slow to response and so is the mouse.

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I have not experienced this. But in order for JetBrains to diagnose the problem, they'll need a CPU snapshot. See for info on how to submit one.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I've done that.  Let's see what happens next.

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For those that might have the same problem as I...

I sent in my CPU snapshot to IntelliJ support.  As it turned out, I had an inspection called "Unused Property" turned on -- perhaps by default at some point in time.  That was the culprit.  I turned it off and IntelliJ is back to its speedy self again!

Thanks to great people at IntelliJ support!


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