Are building Flex Modules supported?

Hello, I'm loving the flex support in 9.  The new parrallel builds are much better too, I can build our project now.  The one thing that remains that I can't seem to figure out is how to build FlexModules (not the IDEA modules), is this supported? I have a project where the main swf does nothing, but there are a few module .swf that need to be built.



I see no difference in compiling Flex Application and Flex Module. Just select main module class (derived from mx.modules.Module) at Flex Compiler Settings (or Flex facet) dialog.


So building multiple modules (derived from mx.modules.Module) in one IDEA module is not supported?  We are using flexmojos and group related modules into separate projects.



To build multiple Flex modules (derived from mx.modules.Module) in one IDEA module you can create multiple Flex facets for one IDEA module and configure different compilation settings for these facets.

But flexmojos builds one module-swf from one pom.xml, so why do you need different project structure in IDEA?

P.S. Working with flexmojos projects in IDEA:


Oh I see.  Yea, we love the flexmojos support.  I guess we break the flexmojos rules a little then, we generate multiple module swfs from one flexmojos project to group the common module together.  If we didn't, we would have 30-40 projects instead of 15.   As it is 15 kills FB.  Would it be possible to read the moduleFiles configuration from flexMojos to generate the facets for each module?

This is how we configure our flex module projects:


Thank you.


Thank you for pom example and youtrack request. We'll definitely take care of this.


Awesome, thank you.


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