Maven "internal sync" for dependencies that are also in-project modules - Broken on OSX?

I have 2 modules in 1 project. The first module (called TOP) depends on the second module (called BOTTOM). The TOP project is a WAR file (packaging type: war) while the BOTTOM project is a jar. Standard setup. No surprises. Something I've done many times over the years. This is when it gets a bit crazy.

IntelliJ correctly identifies the dependency. Code completion works great. But when I compile/run in a LOCAL TOMCAT instance, it won't run. Why won't it run? It appears that none of the code from the BOTTOM project in the editor is running in Tomcat. The TOP project is updated fine, but the BOTTOM project is the "last installed into local maven repository" version. So this means that if I refactor/rename a class in BOTTOM, it shows up correctly in the editor. (Meaning that the code is code-completion ready in TOP). But when I hit compile/run in Tomcat, the ClassNotFoundException pops up. This is also the case when clicking ANY goal in the Maven window.

I would expect this to be the case if executing those goals on the command line. But I'm not executing them in the command line. I'm executing them in the editor.

This is something that I've taken for granted over the years. Is this a problem that's specific with my brand new Mac Book Pro?

Help me internet. You're my only hope.

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