Build 273 very slow?

Anyone else encountering this?
I find overall events such as indexing, navigation and especially editing large xhtml files cause Maia to throw exceptions or come to a crawl and eventually run out of memory.
This is the exact same project and no configuration changes from the previous build in which it was much more tolerable.

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I disagree.  It is indeed much more memory-hungry, which will explain your problem if you're in your limit.  BUT, it is a HUNDRED times faster if you give it more memory.  It was impossible to edit a large XML file of any type before, and now it's pretty usable.

Check if you didn't disable the overhead checking with


That flag should be ENABLED (
so it throws an OutOfMemory quickly instead of killing your machine for 20 minutes AND THEN dying.

Good Luck,

   Gustavo Hexsel
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Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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Providing it with 1GB helps substantially if you can afford to provide that much memory.

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These are the idea.vmoptions properties I have set for 64-bit java 6 update 18 on Ubuntu Linux


On 64-bit JVMs, the UseCompressedOops flag reverts pointers back to 32-bit when your heap space is below 32 GB. Even so, the
64-bit JVM still requires 10-15% more memory than 32-bit JVM.  The 64-bit JVM seems to run faster than 32-bit JVM, as long as you
have adequate system memory.

I am running on a quad-core intel i7 920 workstation with 8 GB memory.



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