Proposal to improve management of code style settings

Hi all,

I am quite happy with IntelliJ 9, but would like to point out a less useful part.

I am working for custom projects with my own style settings. There are a number of those projects. For one customer, I work in 3 different projects. They share the same style settings. Then I fixed things in the Tapestry Open Source projects. I have two projects there for different branches.

In fact I have 3 different style guides, each of them applied to more than one project. With IntelliJ, I can have only one global style or a project style.
I can run easily into an error, if I choose another global style, because it will be set for all projects. I need to remember this when opening a project which requires a different style.
If I don't want to risk bad formatting, then I have to use a per project setting. This is equivalent to copying a style guide once to a project. If I change the style guide, then I have to copy it again to all projects which use this style guide.

In my opinion, the following approach is more useful.
I can create multiple global style settings. I can define a default global style setting to be used for new projects. I can assign any global style setting to a project. Different projects can have different global style settings.
If I want to change the styles only for a project, I can copy the settings to the project and edit them only for the project. I can create a global style setting from the project settings.

What do you think?

Best Regards / Viele Grüße

Sebastian Hennebrueder


Great suggestion.

Youtrack request please.


The Intellij people currently don't agree as they think that this use case is rare. It would be great to get some feedback of other people how they use the code style settings.

See the issue for use case I came up with.

Best Regards
Sebastian Hennebrueder


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