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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to make use of the Deployment feature of IDEA 14.x Ultimate, but I'm running into some confusion. I have a complex, multi-module Maven project that produces various *.jar artifacts in each target/ directory. I would like to use the Deployment feature to send only certain JAR files to the remote server. I've been playing around with the path mappings, but it looks like I can only specify folders. I also noticed I can exclude paths and files, but I would then basically need to put in excludes for everything besides the one or two JARs that I actually want.

So the question is, can I actually send select files using the Deployment feature, or did I misunderstand the purpose of this functionality?


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Hi Mike,

this is mainly used to syncronize your whole web folder with the web server.

However, although IDEA suggests only folders to be used as mappings, it doesn't stop you to enter a FILE path manually.
In my case, I have multi-module maven project and I configured each target\<ARTIFACT_NAME>.jar as a "Local Path", and <ARTIFACT_NAME>.jar as "Deployment Path".
Note that if you like me build with maven (and not with IDEA), you must check "Upload external changes" checkbox in Tools/Deployment/Options

Hope that helps


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