Moved to Ubuntu/Linux: Idea can't resolve java.lang.String

Hi all,

I'm a longtime idea user.

I recently switched my laptop from windows to linux.

When opening my projects, the idea editor cannot resolve any 'java.lang.*' objects. Everything is highlighted red.

I've search the internet and tried the following:
-dropped and added jdk's, changed the jdk for the project, etc.
-confirmed rt
-cleared caches
-deleted the system folder
-switched jdk versions (I originally had started on IBM jdk and thought that was the problem)
-renamingmy Idea director (~/.IntellijIdea11)

I found that creating a new project (from scratch) succeeds (i.e. editor can resolve java.lang.String)..;just not old projects

I'm using Idea 11.17 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

Any suggestions?



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Check the module depednecies for the old projects, make sure they are set to use Project SDK and the Project SDK is set to the correct one.

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That was it.

Bad module depdencies caused the problem--some modules pointed a no-longer existent JDK

Changing these modules to use 'project jdk' solved the problem.

Thanks Serge.


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