Numbered Bookmarks gone in 90.94

What happened to the numbered bookmarks feature in 90.94?

I really miss this.

The un-numbered ones are nice but just can't compare with the speed of being able to instantly navigate to a few locations with just a single (well control-<number>) key press.


I agree. More keyboard shortcuts have been removed, like traversing the project view by using the arrow buttons. (and, yes, ofcourse, the module structures are still not fixed...)

I really hope that IntelliJ 9.1 includes:
- (something like) the old dependency structure
- numbered shortcuts
- better keyboard navigation
- enhanced grails/groovy support.

Only have 3 days left and before my IntelliJ 9 stops working, and I just cannot buy a new version before the first 3 issues have been resolved. (but I promise I'll buy a new version the day these issues have been resolved!)

To answer your initial question "how I use it"?

I use all 9. I don't remember them past the current 24h session and they are used as I am editing code in 3-4 diff places.
I use the first half (say 1-5) for editing and last half backwards (9-5) for references.
Often in the same class I would have 2-3 of them.
In a course of a day, I would reassign them about 20 times.
This is used DAILY, not "once in a while".
It's convenient, it makes me fast, it stops the insane tab switching and navigation.

To answer the REAL question: who cares?

You guys don't get it! Here, I'll help:

Some history: this feature first appeared back in late 1980s in Borland C/Pascal editors. You can't drop it - we all use it religeously and daily! I am seriously considering going back to 8 till you fix it!  This is a serious BUG.

Just look at the HUGE number of feedback you are getting. Just b/c some "novice programmer" at JB decided to change a feature s/he d/n understand - is not a reason to delete something ppl use!  Customer is always right! And it's not like you are using those shortcuts for anything else? Keep your silly Ctrl-F11 and add these back! You added jumps back.. just give in and make us happy!

Please don't follow Microsoft strategy with removing features with time. It's unbecome you.

To answer the OTHER question: why isn't anyone researching the user UI experience?

You wanna see how a feature is used!?  Add some "feature feedback" mechanism into IJ.
Replace all typing with "[letters were typed]" so you don't get in trouble and record all features used, including which plugins are used, how lunched (shortcut/menu) etc. Then, with user permission, upload it back zipped, in small increments. This should give you a REAL idea of what's used and not in your UI.
Then we wouldn't be in this predicament!

Oh, and for future reference: if you are removing something - MAKE IT A PLUGIN! You already have the code!


I'll summarize it even shorter:

They've taken away the really nice shortcuts and replaced them with...uh... nothing ?
The new solution is far inferior to the old one. While I used the old one heavily, I still think the new one is worse. Even *after* making the new shortcuts stick; I find the new solution to be of less value.

Listening to users is definitely not part of this.If they'd listened to their users they would have said:

We hear you, and think your use cases are interesting. We didn't realize people were using it for such a diverse set of tasks. We'll restore the keys in 9.0.2, and we'll spend some time thinking
about the use cases you've spent so much time and energy describing, so we can make something really cool for 10.0. Develop with pleasure !


Indeed, we'll restore shortcuts in 9.0.2. We planned to use them in new MacOS native keymap but it we manage to keep them free.


On 29.01.2010 16:26, Maxim Shafirov wrote:

Indeed, we'll restore shortcuts in 9.0.2

great news, really


Hope 9.0.2 is coming soon since not being able to press Ctrl+Shift+0 - 9 to set bookmarks is really annoying. We just upgraded to Idea 9 a week ago and this is a thing I hate so much that I am considering to write a plugin just to get it back (if that is possible). You don't have to fit it into the default keymap, I will certainly put it in my keymap, just give us the possibility map the keys.


I've only just seen this post - fantastic news! Thank you, I'm looking forward
to the next build. I was getting this > <- close to writing a plugin :)

MS> Indeed, we'll restore shortcuts in 9.0.2. We planned to use them in
MS> new MacOS native keymap but it we manage to keep them free.
MS> ---
MS> Original message URL:


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