C++ autocompletion issue

For the past year I have been using pycharm as my python writing IDE and I love it.

I wanted to start learning C++ to add to my programming languages and I thought I would stick with the intellij platform. But of course pycharm doesn't support C++. I figured I could do away with having multiple IDEs by using idea instead, and using the python and C++ plugins, seeing that CLion is in its infancy.

Idea and the python plugin works well.

I can not for the life of me get C++ running properly. I can get a project going and get the script to compile and the standard hello world output.

HOWEVER, there is no autocomplete options and the software doesn't seem to make suggetions or give me any errors during inspection regardless of what I type (e.g. kkjhagkjha).

I am running mac OSX yosemite.

What I have done:
Installed xcode and updated the settings for the standard gcc links. --> compiling the generic hellow world works

Installed via macports the gdb-apple and certified it, and updated the links in the preference.
--> if I run the debug option it doesn't give any errors.

Perhaps I have it wrong and the gdb and gcc has nothing to do with autocompletion. Then what am I doing wrong? Also the C/C++ plugin is installed. I had initially thought this would provide me with auto completion and suggetions, but it didn't which is why I went throught and installed what I mentioned above.

I would appretiate any help I can get, since I do not look forward to the more complicated xcode direction. And Clion works a little buggy for now for my taste. I would like to get the environment set up so I can continue learning.

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