Intellij 14 factory default 'code style' always imposed.

I'm running Intellij 14.0.3 (unix 64).  Every time I open an existing
project (Java) the factory default 'code style' is applied to every file
open in the edit window even though I have set my preferences for project using the
settings wizard.  Also my preferences are not set if I select a region in
a file and click 'Code | Reformate code ..."  however if I reformat
the whole file the rules are applied.  Also if I set the "start comment
designator '/**'" in front of code my format preferences are applied automatically.

How to resolve this behavior?

Steps to reproduce

1.) To a java file in an existing project add stmt,
   public HasValue<String> getFirstName() { return firstName; }

2.) set preference to the "Project"
     Editor | Code Style | Wrapping and Brackes | 'if()' statement | force braces "always"
     click Apply and then OK.

3.) Select the stmt in step 1 and try to reformat ..
      click  'Code | Reformate code ..."
      (no change)

4.) Now above the stmt type the "start comment designator '/**'"
      (code is reformated)
      save this change

5.) Exit the Intellij window for this project and then reopen this project.
    The stmt will look like stmt in step 1.  The preferred formatting is lost.

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