Porting Java from machine A to machine B disables Run/Debug buttons - why?

I have a java project that was developed on machine A, checked in to version control (TFS online), and runs fine on machine A in either BlueJ or IntelliJ Idea 14.0.3.

When I pull down the source code from version control onto machine B by checking it out, it runs just fine in BlueJ, but IntellIJ disables the Run and Debug options on the toolbar and in the menu.

When I open the Run menu, the first available non-disabled selection is Run…, which, when clicked, does not actually run the program.  It pops open a dialog that when clicked takes me to a tiny pop-up dialog with the word "Run" on a button-wannabee with white text on blue background that says Edit Configurations….  If I click that, it brings me to a bewildering Run/Debug Configurations dialog with a tree structure on the far left that says Defaults and a Run button along the bottom-right.  Thinking I just need to click this "other Run button" to run my program, it instead does nothing.  No message. No error.  Nothing!  It's completely unhelpful.

What does it take to port a Java program, including any configuration information from machine A to machine B without all this hassle?  Why can't I just zip up or check-in/check-out from whatever SCCM I happen to be using to get a Java program from A to B and have all the configuration meta data come with it?

Again, keep in mind, this program runs 100% perfect in BlueJ and in IntelliJ Idea on machine A.

How about starting with some definitive messages that explain what's missing or misconfigured?

Even better, how about a "repair" button to show what's wrong and offer to try to fix the problem?

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Please check https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23393067 .

Make Run/Debug configuration Shared and commit .idea/runConfigurations directory with XML files into the version control.


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