Any luck with Nashorn debugging in non-trivial scenarios

Has anyone had luck using Nashorn debugging in anything but the simplest configurations?

I've found some limitations that I can't get past:

- Doesn't work correctly with multi-module projects
- Doesn't work with Reader input
- Doesn't work well with CompiledScripts. It sort of works if you compile the statement "load(filename)" but that is a pretty useless compilation. What you really want to comple is filename

All of these things are needed in a real-life usage of Nashorn.

Any luck doing this? Any plans to support?

- Dave

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Please try IDEA 14.1 EAP ( Althought "Reader input" and "CompiledScripts" is not yet supported — could you please provide some example?

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Thank you. I've temporarly shifted gears. Soon I will come back to Nashorn at wihich time I'll check things out.

Don't worry about Reader input. I've realized it doesn't make sense.


- Dave


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