JRuby gems in IDEA?

I have IDEA Ultimate (12), becuase I code in a lot of languages.  I am trying to work with some jruby code.

I have a jruby set up in rvm, and it appears in the Project SDKs.  The JRuby facet for my module has the corrent SDK selected and shows all the gems.

My problem is the script (in the editor window) does not understand the gems, apparently.  The require statements give the warning "no such file to load," and I can not jump to declarations etc.

Also I can's run the script inside the IDE, it tells me to pick an SDK (which I thought I had).

Am I not setting up the right way?  Any ideas would be much appreciated.

- John

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it looks like the ruby sdk is not set for the module :(
Could you please show settings of the facet?

Regards, Oleg.


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