Idea 14.0.3 fails to load project sources

Ok so I've run into a bit of a quandry. After updating from Idea 13 to 14 importing a project from sources fails to load anything into the project.

I check out from a CVS repository, and everything is fine. I can go look at everything via windows explorer and all the source gets checked out, but when I go to import as a new project unlike in 13, where after I select with source modules I want to include in the project at the bottom I get a "Finish" button and not a next to be able to select the libraries and dependencies.  After I click finish Idea loads into the main project view but nothing is there.
Select sources:

Click finish:


In Idea 13.1.6 after selecting sources I am presented with a "Next" instead of finish and then I verify the libraries and modules before finishing and the project will load up fine.


Then libs:

Confirm Modules:


Then through some Java stuff like which JDK and everything finally getting into the project.


I have a feeling they tried to streamline the process and get rid of the extra steps, but for some reason using the same checked out source I get 2 totally different results for the importing of the project between 13 and 14.  Any assistance would be greating appreciated in getting this working in 14, thanks.

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