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I have problems using a project accessed by a symlink in the Python plugin (4.0 139.129), IntelliJ 139.1117.

The projects were made in a previous Linux version. I installed a new version in a new partition and made some symlinks (ln -s) to the old folders.
Everything seems to work fine, except when I use the debugger. I set a breakpoint in one of the scripts and when this breakpoint is reached, a new version from the script is loaded in a yellow-colored tab. But it is not the same version as I am editing the breakpoint is in a completely different line. The debugger window however works as expected: I can see the values of variables.
When I copy the project to the OS partition and don't use a symlink anymore, it works as expected.
When I do the same in a java project, this problem does not occur. (All projects are in the same rootfolder in the old OS partition.

Any suggestions, apart from moving my project dir?


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Unfortunately, this is not supported yet. Watch/vote PY-5204 for progress.


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