IntelliJ 14 Ruby plugin - plus require load path


So I've been using RubyMine for a while for all my Ruby - and some Puppet - needs. Since I also do some Python and C++ devel I wanted to add their respective plugins. Apparently this is not allowed and the whole IntelliJ IDE is required. So I got that and now when I'm trying to get the Ruby part setup it cannot find Ruby's builtin classes like yaml or digest.

I have the Ruby SDK set, the interpreter is working, and I see Ruby as an external library but IntelliJ cannot resolve the builtin Ruby classes. It does resolve in projects internal classes.

thanks for the help,


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what type of module do you have (is it ruby or java+JRuby facet)?  If you are not sure could you please show screenshot of modules list.
Also how have you configured the sdk for the module?

Regards, Oleg.


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