Cannot create a new project

I've downloaded the community edition (I'm new to Java but a professional C# developer), I'm running on Windows 8.1

I start the IDE, select Create New Proejct and then get a New Project dialog,

That dialog looks like this:

The dropdown list "Project SDK" is empty yet it seems I must select something in there to continue, also checking "Groovy" causes an error:

None of this makes any sense, it seems there are prerequistites that I'm unaware of, is that true?


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Your images did not post, so I can't be 100% sure what you are seeing... but here are some answers...

Broxy wrote:

The dropdown list "Project SDK" is empty yet it seems I must select something in there to continue...

You need to specify the SDk to use. For a Java project, this will be a JDK (Java Development Kit), not to be confused with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment). You can download the latest Java 8 JDK from Once installed, click the "New..." button to the right of the "Project SDK" drop down and select "JDK" from the popup list. (Once you create a JDK definition, you can reuse it for future projects.) Navigate to the installation path of the JDK (if you used the defaults, it will be something like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_31\) and then click OK. IDEA will create a new JDK definition for you ans will show it in the "Project SDK" selection.

Broxy wrote:

...also checking "Groovy" causes an error:

Leave the groovy option unchedked (for now at least). That's if you want your project to also use the Groovy programming language.

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OK I did that and got past that hurdle, thanks.

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I cant push "next" after selecting the JDK directory, what could be the reason for this?

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