Problem with @Test

I am having a very weird problem. I just cannot figure out what is happening. I have a multi module maven project. THe project makes use of maven and I have used the maven integration with intellij to open up the project. From the command line using maven, the project builds fine. When in the IDE I have a problem with one of the projects. So about 20 other modules work fine. In one of the projects the unit tests give problems with the @Test. I get the following hint:

Reference to 'Test' is ambiguous, both 'org.junit.Test' and 'Test' match

This is very weird, since the import is in place and even gets a notification that it is not used. Check the image.

I hope anybody has an idea how to resolve this, it is pretty anoying

We see the problem in the build 9 beta and 92.24

Screen shot 2009-11-20 at 8.32.35 AM.png

same problem here: I had to exclude html cleaner from my project (That's the place Test class comes from) dependency of hst-client was "provided" so I could do that


I have same problem when using Idea 9 build 93.13.



Check all the classes on your path. We have a problem with a library that has a class Test in the root package. I think it is the Htmlcleaner lib. We created a patched lib and now you are fine again.

Hope that helps


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