Idea: Dependency Viewers looks differently in different modules.


I have 2 projects in Idea.
I run Analyze -> Analyze Dependencies in my projects.
The appearance of the results is different:

1) projectA

  • somePackage
  • < 1.7 >
  • Maven: ant:ant:1.6.5
  • Maven:
  • Maven:
  • Maven:

2) projectB

default package

The controls of Dependency Viewer tab are also different: the one which I like (projectA) has show/hide module button. When I press this button I see the switch from state I like (projectA) to state I dont like (projectB).
But in projectB this button is absent.

Also I cannot select 'Module projectB' while specifying dependency analysis scope.
Also the labels of the modules differ: projectA [projectA] and simply projectB

Whats up?

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I have found out that:

1) I can see the dependencies of my project/module/class in a Mave-Dependency View (point 1 in my post) only if button Show Modules is shown and enabled in Dependency Tab     
2) This button is shown only if more than one module exist
3) If I have only one module in my project, cannot identify to which Maven dependency is linked some class in other way than adding a FAKE module to project and then hitting Analyze Dependencies

Am I right?

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Another question is:

I know how I can view all the files that are the dependencies of some module in my project with corresponding links. I use DependencyViewer for this. But how can I view all the files which _depend on_ some module of my project with corresponding links?


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