9.0 released - well done

Congratulation on the release - take a well-deserved break
Maia/9.0 has turned out as a stable release with lots of nice functionality.

Once you get back from the break we'll start nagging for our favorite features/bugs for v10


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Indeed - IDEA is the most advanced IDE for Flex coding.

The sales department should upgrade their currency conversion software, though. All online converters I tried would calculate $149 as €100 (not €123) + VAT. I am lucky to be able to aford it, anyway

Kind Regards,

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I'm very happy to congratulate you all again.  (Search through the archives, and I believe you'll find I've done this every time since 2.0.)  There are ups and downs, but I still believe that IntelliJ IDEA is one of the finest pieces of software ever built.

--Dave Griffith


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