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We still receive a few requests that claim that the keyboard focus
sometimes gets lost under some conditions. Since IDEA is a very
keyboard-intense application this is very important and needs to be
fixed before the release.

If you experience such things, please write directly to this thread on
what you do before the focus gets lost. Please don't forget to mention
your OS and Java versions as well as an IDEA build number.


Kirill Kalishev
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"


quick update:

so at first i couldn't replicate it (ofc...) after about 5 minutes the issue started occurring again cmd ~ does nothing but this also doesnt work after fixing the 'focus' issue (clicking on project 1 then 2 then 1 again)

and none of the suggestions in the thread i found seemed to help.

Thanks again!


I suppose that the issue is directly related to screen sharing. 

Please report a bug at and attach idea.log file (here is instruction on how to find it. Clear log folders before the reproducing to reduce size). Also please mention your screen share version. 

Screen recording of how the issue is being reproduced would help us a lot. 




no problem i will create a new issue and do my best to add the relevant information.

have a great day!




Happens when working in one of the bottom tabs (not editor) like terminal and the bottom tab switches to FileTransfer (Auto-Deployment over SFTP)  when bulk file-transfer starts, for e.g. after I switch git branches by typing into terminal (preventing me from typing). See this thread. I'm experiencing it in PhpStorm (version, platform mentioned in link)

Arseniy Nisnevich

Hi y2k-shubham,

Could you provide a screencast, please? Is the FileTransfer tool window already opened when it grabs the focus or does it open automatically?


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