Annoying password prompts on database tool

Seems to have been a recent change to the saved passwords functionality in the database tool (part of IDEA 14?)
Firstly IDEA 14 appears to have forgotten all my database usernames and passwords from all my IDEA 13 projects, they're all wiped?

But there seems to be no way to now use the databse tool and save creditionals without being prompted several times a day for some password. I'm using dev databases local to only my machine, I don't want or need all this security. Who develops with a live DB connection to a production DB?

If I re-enter a username and password on the database connection that seems to persist only so long as the project is open. I have to re-eneter them on each database every time I switch projects?

Or if I choose to save the database on disk IDEA 14 now asks for my keystore password. When I then later try to use the database on regular intervals it keep asking me to reneter my keystore password every time I try to view another table. Whichever way I  try to cut it I keep getting prompted for passwords.

It's really chaffing compared to how I was working with IDEA 13.

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Hi, Richard!

If you do not want to type each time your master password, you can change it to empty password.
For this go to Settings / Appearance & Behaviour / System Settings / Passwords and press "Master Password" button.
At opened dialog change your cirrent master password to empty one.

For your logins and passwords for data sources were remembered open Data Sources and Drivers dialog (call Properties for data source).
At chosen data source choose option "Save on disk with master password protection" (you should see tick, not "-").
This option is right under your data source password.

This should solve your problems.
If it doesn't help don't hesitate to write here again!

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Is the master password here only protecting the database tool passwords? or does it also control the VCS and other passwords IDEA is storing?

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I may be having a related problem.  I have an entire project and I have a remote development database.  If I add a database connection and define the properties it does not seem to remember them when I quit and restart intellij.  I have set it to use a Master Password and "save on disk with master password protection" is enabled.  Every time I start intellij with any project, it thinks my database is "localhost" with a 'root' login.  It's not.  How do I change this?





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