Live Edit does not work with javascript

Actually I have a problem with live reloading javascript files. For example I do have an *.html file with
     <script src="test.js"></script>

So when I do edit this html file - browser automatically reloads page - but when I edit test.js file - nothing happens - I need to manually reload page in browser or to change smth in html file.
What do I do wrong? because Live Edit works fine both with html and linked css files. I've used several versions of Intellij - beginning from 13 and now I have latest 14.0.3 - but live js reloading does not work((

This is strange because live *.js reloading works fine with NetBeans and Brackets - I've tried it and all worked fine((

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ok. I've changed Live Edit Update to Auto in ms and now after each editing js file I get

07:46:08 test.html: {"code":-32000,"message":"Uncaught Script not found"}

WTF? I've googled and I know that not only I have such problem - but I did not found any solution.
So should I forget this feature in jetbrains products?


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