How to set up incremental deployment to Jboss (use artifacts?)

Realized I might have posted in the wrong group earlier so reposting it here...


I've started working on a large project which has multiple modules with interdependencies. The project structure is complex and since mostly everyone else uses Eclipse (barring few who still go commandline/vi), the structure is perhaps slanted to reflect whats convenient to setup in Eclipse.

My modus operandi so far has been to create appropriate modules (and nested modules) and just run the ant build to create a couple of huge EARs which are copied out to the JBoss deploy directory. However, this is not efficient and getting to be quite a pain as the build-ear/deploy/restart cycle takes up a lot of time. I wanted to see if I can set up incremental deployment with Jboss, the sort possible in Eclipse using JBoss Tooling plugin.

Anyone has made this to work or done anything similar to reduce build/deploy execution time by eliminating ANT copy tasks, and/or leveraging IDE complilation versus build script compilation??

I recently started using 9.0 Beta and got excited when I saw the new Artifacts concept. However, I don't think I understand completely how to use it as it doesn't seem to allow setting up arbitrary ears in exploded fashion and then updating them on the fly.

Any pointers would be welcome. Not only would this help me with my productivity but also earn some Intellij bragging rights with the Eclipse crowd here.

Thanks in advance!

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