Deploy and run to tomcat 7 is taking 5x longer than on eclipse

Hi, I been using IntelliJ IDEA for almost an year and I really like it, my main project was a Java SWING app so community version was perfect.

Now I switched projects and it is a web based app, so I decided to try the evaluation version and see how it goes, to later maybe aquire a license.

But I am having a show stopper problem with IntelliJ, my project takes 5 minutes to deploy and run on Eclipse + tomcat 7 (JDK 7), in IntelliJ it takes 25 to 30 minutes. Which makes it impossible to use.

I've tried everything I could think off, use eclipse compiler, tweaking with PermGem and XMX, nothing works. and eclipse runs it faster every single time.

I am the only one using IntelliJ here and everybody was impressed with it, but the moment I tried the first deploy it all melt away.

I can provide information if you need, just ask for it.

Thank you.

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